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We encourage visitors of to submit any videos, pictures or other materials related to traditional Persian music they would like to share with our fans. Our primary goal is to gather any recordings, videos or information pertinent to Varzandeh. Collecting any such materials is extremely valuable to us, since they are rare and very difficult to find. Almost three decades after his passing, itís most important that we promptly gather as much on Varzandeh as we can before all fades away with the passing of time: his recordings, any videos, articles and any of your personal memories or accounts. For these reasons, please join us in our reconstruction of a quickly fading and broken puzzle.

While using our online network to rebuild the portrait of Maestro Varzandeh, we also welcome any of your own musical recordings for submission to this website. We hope that you will share your talents and musical creativity with our fellow fans and bring inspiration and light to those in their musical journeys.

Please make your file submissions by using the following form:




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