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Online Tutorial on performing the Varzandeh-style santur

The materials on this website have been prepared for those interested in learning the Varzandeh's techniques of performing the santur.  Much of the presented information is based upon interpretation and reconstruction of Varzandeh's recorded performances.  Since this website is intended to serve only as a guide, if you would like to obtain more information on Varzandeh's techniques or methods, please contact Ostad Behrouz Sadeghian, who is one of Varzandeh's most dedicated students and has spent the last 50 years studying and rejuvenating his works.

To watch a preliminary lesson by Ostad Sadeghian on Varzandeh's techniques and methods, please click here

The following note sheets have been provided as an accompaniment to the above preliminary santur lesson by Ostad Sadeghian.  The musical notes are intended as exercises of basic movements in performing the Varzandeh-style santur.

Lesson 1:  3-Note ascent

Lesson 2 :  4-Note ascent

Lesson 3 :  4-Note descent

Lesson 4 :  4-Note descent, 2nd variation

Lesson 5 :  3-Note ascent, 2nd variation






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