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Thank you for visiting the official website of Reza Varzandeh, the legendary master of the santur, the Persian hammered dulcimer.  This site presents to the public an unprecedented open collection of performances by the late Maestro Varzandeh and collaborating artists.  We hope that this forum will serve to introduce the profound and revolutionary achievements of Reza Varzandeh to the public domain and relight this torch of inspiration. 

We always welcome your contributions to this site, including any of Varzandeh's recordings, pictures, videos or personal accounts you may wish to share.  Please visit the submissions page for more information.


  2/3/06 Launch of

2nd Annual Varzandeh Gathering, Berkeley, CA

4/13/06 Article on Behrouz Sadeghian (student of Reza Varzandeh) in The San Diego Union-Tribune
5/25/06 A Night With Iranian Students, Featuring student talks on Iran and live musical performances, Davis, CA
6/3-6/4/06 Nights of Shiraz, Montgomery Theatre, San Jose.  Featuring: Gloria Rouhani, Mohammed Saeed Abadi, Behrouz Sadeghian, Siamak Pouian, San Jose, CA
5/19/07 3rd Annual Varzandeh Gathering: special unprecedented tribute to Maestro Parviz Yahaghi
9/9/07 "History & Role of the Violin in Traditional Iranian Music."  A special presentation by renowned composer & violinist Loghman Adhami in Stanford University,CA
9/16/07 "Discussion and live demonstrations of the Varzandeh-style santur," a Persian Garden series featuring Neema Hekmat & Shirzad Sharif, Persian Center, Berkeley, CA
12/9/07 Concert: "Enchantment of Persian Traditional and Folklore Music", a young musicians concert series, California State University, Sacramento, CA
7/26/08, 8/2/08 سفر بی انتها ("Eternal Journey"), Ballet Afsaneh Summer Bay Area Concerts featuring traditional Persian dance, music and poetry

"Fundamentals of Persian Lyricism", a workshop conducted by renowned Iranian poet, writer and lyricist, Tooraj Negahban


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